Ralph Barbosa (Netflix)

One of the shyest attention hogs to ever do comedy, Ralph Barbosa’s disarming
and laid-back style has made him a stand-out on stage, on TV and online.

On October 31, Ralph premiered his first Netflix stand-up special, "Ralph
Barbosa: Cowabunga" , worldwide. The hour-long special was shot in August
2023 at The Kessler Theater in Ralph’s home town of Dallas, TX.

Ralph’s 2024 theatre tour is underway after a breakout year in 2023 that saw him
selling out venues across North America, making his debut on "The Tonight Show
Starring Jimmy Fallon," and his "Comedy Central Stand-up Featuring: Ralph
Barbosa" set topped 3.7 million views on YouTube.

In November 2022, Ralph starred in the HBO Max comedy special,"Entre Nos:
The Winners 3" , and earlier that year his Don’t Tell Comedy performance was
released on YouTube and now has over 4.8 million views.

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