Des Bishop ("The Des Bishop Work Experience")

Now a massive star in Ireland, native New Yorker, Des moved from Queens to Ireland in his mid-teens in 1990. He first came to prominence with his extraordinary TV series "The Des Bishop Work Experience" (2004), where he lived on minimum wage in a series of different jobs in Ireland. Mixing this documentary footage with stand-up, the series became one of the most talked-about of the year, and propelled Des into national stardom. In 2006, he embarked on his second critically acclaimed TV series, "Joy in the Hood", where he taught stand-up comedy in disadvantaged areas in four major Irish cities.  Another hugely successful live tour followed including invitations to the "Just For Laughs Festival" in Montreal and the "Melbourne Comedy Festival" in Australia.

Des’s most recent project took him to Beijing, China in 2013 to learn Mandarin and he lived there for 18 months. He is now fluent and the show, "Breaking China" was another major hit for broadcaster RTE in 2014 and he also made a half hour radio documentary about the rise of stand-up in China for the BBC World Service called “Stand up for China”. His live show again opened at the "Edinburgh Festival" where he played to over 5,000 people and included an invitation to perform at the Soho Theatre in London and a return to Barrow Street in New York.

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