Tommy Tee-Ray Bergeron


Tee Ray Bergeron Jr.: The Wittiest Southerner with a Twisted View of the World Meet Tee Ray Bergeron Jr., the comedian with a Master's Degree in Sarcasm and a PhD in turning ordinary life into side-splitting hilarity. Born and raised in New Orleans, Tee Ray's journey began with a nickname from his grandfather, and the rest, as they say, is comedy gold. Despite his high school title of "wittiest," Tee Ray took a scenic route, conquering college, grad school, marriage, and fatherhood before finally embracing his comedic calling at 30. He honed his craft in the unique venues of Louisiana and Mississippi - bars, saloons, daiquiri shops, and even the infamous Houston Laff Stop. His talent landed him a coveted feature spot at the Baton Rouge Funny Bone, where he won the hearts (and funny bones) of the audience. After a successful stint on the road, Tee Ray returned to Baton Rouge as a headliner, solidifying his comedic reign. Prepare to be "stitched" by Tee Ray's signature blend of observational humor with a twist and self-deprecating charm. He's graced the stages of renowned clubs like The Funny Bone and The Comedy Zone, his unique brand of humor captivating audiences in casinos across the Gulf South and theaters nationwide. Recognized as one of the best in the region, Tee Ray's wit and intelligence have landed him spots headlining comedy festivals and even on Theo Von's Netflix special "No Offense." He has the uncanny ability to transform everyday experiences, from grocery store runs to fast-food adventures, into hilarious tales that leave everyone in stitches. But Tee Ray's humor extends beyond laughter. He's a comedian with a heart, using his talent to support worthy causes like The American Lung Association and Children's Miracle Network. So get ready for an experience unlike any other. With Tee Ray Bergeron Jr., everyday problems, quirks, and characters become hilarious fodder - no topic is off-limits, and laughter is guaranteed. His Southern charm and quick wit will have you rolling in the aisles, making him one of today's hottest comics and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.
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