Kiki Andersen


Before she was a comic, Kiki Andersen was an Emmy award-winning news reporter under her real name, Kelly Andersen, but after enough people confused her for Kellyanne Conway on Twitter (yes, really) she decided to change her name, her career and do something way less depressing. Now she uses everything she learned about how the world works to make people laugh. Kiki lives in Los Angeles where she does standup and sketch comedy seven nights a week. Since moving west, she has rapidly moved up the comedy ladder, performing regularly at the Laugh Factory and other clubs on the west coast. She has shared the stage with comedy’s biggest stars including Bill Burr, Whitney Cummings, Jim Jefferies, Nick Kroll and others. Her podcast, Indecent with Kiki Andersen, has garnered a loyal following in just under a year since debuting. In May 2024, she will be performing as a Featured Festival Comedian for the Netflix is a Joke Festival.
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