Chris OConnor


Chris is a Philadelphia comedian who lives in NYC. His work has been featured on Comedy Central, Funny or Die, Barstool Sports among many more high profile affiliations. He's had both acting & writing roles in the nationally renown sketch series Gilly & Keeves and Tires. He’s also one half of the hit podcast Stuff Island.
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Tickets For Upcoming Shows
  • Wed | May 29th - 7:00PM | Stamford
  • Stuff Island: Live Stand-up Comedy
  • Stuff Island features comedians and podcasters Tommy Pope & Chris O’Connor. They have been featured on Comedy Central and have had both writing & acting roles in the sketch series "Gilly & Keeves". The boys will be starring in the comedy series "Tires", which will be coming out on Netflix in May. In addition to the podcast, Tommy started a cooking show called "Look at Dish", where him and Chrissy go on culinary adventures. They are a duo however their stand-up styles are visibly different from each other. Tommy seamlessly blends his observational talent with his assertive yet endearing east coast attitude. Chris on the other hand, has the ability to show you a completely different take on a subject with his peculiar introspectiveness. They perform separately to start, and then end the show by coming together on stage.